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Surplus raw materials license

Surplus raw materials license

The surplus raw materials license enables the transportation of mineral ores belonging to Category (C) from the site to external locations for the purpose of selling or utilizing them, on the condition that they are located within project sites or privately owned lands.


  • The applicant must be the owner of the land or project.
  • The metallic materials should belong to category (C)
  • Specifying the area of the site from which the materials are to be transferred, along with its geographical coordinates.
  • Determining the type and quantity of the desired raw materials to be utilized.
  • Providing the necessary permits from the relevant authorities that authorize operations at the site.

Issuance the license: one year


Ta'adeen Platform.


 Application fees: 10,000 SAR.

License issuance fees: 20,000 SAR.



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