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Reconnaissance License

Reconnaissance License

The reconnaissance license allows investors to reconnoiter for targeted minerals by visiting the chosen areas. In addition, the license allows investors to collect samples from the designated land, and the license gives access to the relevant data and maps from Saudi Geological Survey (SGS). 

  • The licensee is obligated to deliver all studies and sample results upon completion of the surveying works.
  • The weight of samples collected from the license site must not exceed one ton
  • When renewing the license, the application must be submitted at least (90) days prior to the expiration date of the license.
  • Specify the administrative area for the required license.
  • Provide a proposed exploration work plan.
  • Provide evidence of technical competence and financial capability.

The license is issued for a duration not exceeding two years, And renewable for one additional period of no more than two years.

Ta'adeen Platform.


Application fees: 5000 SAR.
License issuance fees: 5000 SAR.
License renewal fees: 5000 SAR.

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